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A Mindful and Compasionate approach to wellness
Our Process

Developing a Therapeutic Relationship

1. Discovery Call


We believe that an important component to healing, and transformation, is the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.

For this reason, the first step to working together is a complimentary discovery call.


2. Initial Consultation


We make a thorough assessment, discuss your medical history, and current concerns, establish your therapeutic goals and uncover potential road blocks.

Clients are expected to take an active role towards their well-being and healing.




3. Program Selection


Our programs integrate our three core pillars: Mindfulness, Movement, Massage & Bodywork.

We offer monthly subscription programs and 6-week intensives for those needing extra TLC to get back in alignment and harmony.




Commit to your health & well-being

Intensive Wellness Programs

Nourish the Seed

Massage & Bodywork

6-Week Commitment

Breaking Dormancy

Yoga Therapy

6-Week Commitment

Mind-Body Harmony

Comprehensive Therapy

6-Week Commitment

Preventive Maintenance & Self-Care

Monthly Subscription Programs

Sweet Serenity

Massage & Bodywork

Blooming Lotus

Yoga Therapy

Radiant Rejuvenation

Comprehensive Therapy

Special Events Upon Request


Are you an employer seeking to invest on the well-being of your employees?

Do you have an upcoming event and would like to book a specialized yoga, and/or meditation class for attendees?


Let us know. We would love to be a part of it!


We offer one-time and 6-week series of yoga and/or Integrative Restoration (iRest) ® Yoga Nidra.



Kind Words


"It was a great class that teaches you the true meaning and beauty of yoga. It helps not only your physical journey, but also the journey of one's self". -DCM

5 Kosha Yoga Series


“Thank you for helping me see yoga as more than a workout. 🙂 I feel like I can take these tools and feelings into my daily life”. -ASL


5 Koshas Yoga Series


"Patty's emphasis on the breath during practice, has really helped me connect and be more aware of my body". -AD

Private Yoga Student


"Wonderful presentation style, calm demeanor but very positive. Patty made this a safe place to be and share". -BC

5 Koshas Yoga Series


"When I first started practicing yoga, my body was very stiff and achy. With practice, I am gaining flexibility and I don't feel stiff and heavy. I am seeing improvements in other aspects as well...deeper breath, calmer mind and I have a more positive outlook". -TDS

Private Yoga Student



Opportunities for Connection

Upcoming Series & Events


Yoga Therapy Day

August 14, 2019

Winston Salem
Yoga Festival

May 18, 2019

Self-discovery through
Yoga Therapy

This Summer

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