Massage & Bodywork Intensive Program

Nourish the Seed

6-Week Commitment

Program Overview:

This intensive program is designed for those seeking to reduce muscular tension, increased relaxation and overall well-being. Each session begins with gentle breath work to help calm and center the mind and body.

Clients are expected to commit and aid in the healing process by co-creating and following a customized home plan of care.


Program Details:

6 week commitment

6 (60 minute) weekly sessions

Your choice of Thai Bodywork or Integrative Massage



  • Breath assessment
  • Individualized therapeutic plan
  • Individualized home plan of care
  • Complimentary hot towels
  • Complimentary aromatherapy
  • Communication with your healthcare team (if desired)




* Automatic weekly subscription. This is an intensive program designed to hyper-focus on your therapeutic goal; we highly encourage your commitment and participation, therefore, sessions may not roll over nor be transferred.



This integrative approach will combine various techniques and modalities, based on the needs and therapeutic goals of each individual client. May include relaxation, specific/deep tissue, Thai and more. Each session begins with a grounding and breathing practice.
A unique synthesis of Hatha yoga from India and acupressure from Thailand. Thai massage uses reflexology, gentle rocking, rhythmic compression, a variety of stretching movements, yoga postures, and work on the body’s energy lines to address specific problems, increase flexibility, and help you relax deeply. Thai Massage takes place on a mat on the floor.


Our Process

Developing a Therapeutic Relationship

1. Discovery Call


We believe that an important component to healing, and transformation, is the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.

For this reason, the first step to working together is a complimentary discovery call.


2. Initial Consultation


We make a thorough assessment, discuss your medical history, and current concerns, establish your therapeutic goals and uncover potential road blocks.

Clients are expected to take an active role towards their well-being and healing.




3. Program Selection


Our programs integrate our three core pillars: Mindfulness, Movement, Massage & Bodywork.

We offer monthly subscription programs and 6-week intensives for those needing extra TLC to get back in alignment and harmony.





Opportunities for Connection

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