Libre by Nature

Our Philosophy

We use the Panchamaya Kosha Model as the framework of our practice. As a result, we view individuals as whole, multi-dimensional and unique. Each person presents differently, even under similar circumstances, therefore, we take time to learn your individual and specific conditions to create an effective, holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan, that works just for you!

you are multi-dimensional

you are whole and complete

you are peace, love and joy

you are wise and resilient

you are wild and free

you are libre by nature...

...we are libre by nature...

...Intrinsically free

Mission Statement

To educate, guide, inspire, empower and support those seeking:


  • to maintain or improve functionality
  • symptom relief
  • increased relaxation
  • prolonged independence
  • increased body awareness
  • and improved quality of life,


through the implementation and integration of Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) interventions.

Who we are & What we do

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Patty Guillen

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Kind Words


"It was a great class that teaches you the true meaning and beauty of yoga. It helps not only your physical journey, but also the journey of one's self". -DCM

5 Kosha Yoga Series


“Thank you for helping me see yoga as more than a workout. 🙂 I feel like I can take these tools and feelings into my daily life”. -ASL


5 Koshas Yoga Series


"Patty's emphasis on the breath during practice, has really helped me connect and be more aware of my body". -AD

Private Yoga Student


"Wonderful presentation style, calm demeanor but very positive. Patty made this a safe place to be and share". -BC

5 Koshas Yoga Series


"When I first started practicing yoga, my body was very stiff and achy. With practice, I am gaining flexibility and I don't feel stiff and heavy. I am seeing improvements in other aspects as well...deeper breath, calmer mind and I have a more positive outlook". -TDS

Private Yoga Student


Why Choose Us

We know you have many options for your health and well-being needs. Choice is a beautiful thing! Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

Our Core Values

We value continuous personal and professional growth, being of service to others and collaboration over competition.  Self. Service. Connection.

Holistic View

We view clients as multi-dimensional beings, with physical-mental-emotional-energetic-social+ layers.

Mindful Compassion

We practice mindfulness and compassion as a lifestyle…and like a muscle, it becomes stronger the more we use it.


We possess education and training beyond the minimum for our fields. And are dedicated to continuous education and growth.

Customized Plan

We work together to co-create an individualized plan that works just for you. No cookie cutter approach.

Genuine Care

We intentionally create a non-judgemental and safe environment. Allowing clients to trust, unfold, share, release and ultimately heal.


We effortlessly integrate traditional and modern modalities. Finding harmony between East and West philosophies and practices.

Time Value

You receive 120+ minutes of undivided care and attention focused on YOU…your goals…your health…


We know these practices work because we practice them ourselves. We are committed to practice what we preach!

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